The High Stakes World of Casino De Monte-Carlo

Posted on 14 January, 2016 by Chris Grigorovsky

We’ve all had ideas in our mind about what it’s like to be in the luxurious world of exotic casino goers in one of the most beautiful squares in the world. Dressed in your finest evening wear, sipping cocktails while overlooking the gardens and Mediterranean Sea, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is truly something that has to be seen to be believed.

The High Stakes World of Casino de Monte-Carlo
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Monte Carlo Casino was opened in 1863 and is situated in the principality of Monaco. Picture this. The star filled night is in full swing, you pull up to the famous exterior in your stylish car and are instantly dwarfed by the building all lit up, proudly claiming its place in the city. Then you enter and are greeted with some fantastic 19th Century architecture which immediately makes you feel a part of it all. The sound of relentless rolling die, frenzied roulette wheels and cocktail glasses clinking echo throughout the various rooms as you peruse the many different games and facilities on offer.

You are first introduced to Salle Renaissance. Home to fifty slot machines, this gets you prepared for the eventful night that lays ahead of you. Other rooms on offer, include Salle Bouncy Castle for sale des Amériques which hosts American table games such as Craps and Black Jack. There is also Salle Blanche, which offers roulette tables, Ultimate Texas Hold Em and Punto Banco. The most exciting is the private room of Salle Médecin where the true fans of table games go and where fans of European Roulette go, there many more rooms available. If you feel like something to eat then there are several restaurants for you to bask in some fine dining.

The casino is synonymous in the entertainment industry. It has been the home to many outings Britain’s greatest spy James Bond, in films Goldeneye and Never Say Never, as well as the location for the ultimate hustle movie, Oceans Twelve.

It’s an experience that is worth being a part of and will certainly never forget.

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The High Stakes World of Casino de Monte-Carlo

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