Are cinemas adapting after a decline in sales?

Posted on 6 July, 2018 by Bailey Clarke

Most people have experienced watching a movie at the pictures, after all, they have been an established form of entertainment since the 1930s in Britain.  

Are cinemas adapting after a decline in sales?

From big blockbusters to sequels the cinema is still the place for a family treat, meeting friends or a date night but could this activity be changing dramatically. 

There are many video streaming services easily available at relatively low costs meaning anyone that has a smart device has instant access. Many In-house entertainment services include movie libraries and most of the time films that have gone off at the cinema are available almost instantly on streaming apps. 

Different Consumer Habits  

With the new generation relying on their smart devices and the easiness of streaming to watch entertainment, could the long-established cinema struggle to attract the younger demographic? After all consumer habits have changed considerably over the last decade.  

Casual dining, unique leisure experiences and vibrant atmospheres are now what audiences are striving for. People want somewhere to drink, eat and be entertained all within easy reach of one and another. 

Even though the box office is still receiving hits with new movies, cinemas need to keep sales increasing especially in the quiet periods throughout the seasons but many are already adapting after seeing the impact of smart technology.  

Cinema Complex  

The cinema throughout the decades has adapted from being just a single site which offers just movies and popcorn to big multi-entertainment complexes. Big names such as Vue, Odeon and Cineworld not only offer movies but they also incorporate food and drink outlets, arcades and bowling amongst many more forms of on-site entertainment.   

Many complexes are becoming hubs of activity because of the offerings within and around the venue. Even though technology is evolving every day, people still want to go out, socialise and be entertained.   

Multi-cinema complexes are adapting to give new experiences for consumers to try activities prior to the film or after. By offering a place to grab a drink or eat keeps the consumer within the complex longer.

An added benefit for the cinema complex is that it may capture the compulsive customer who didn’t plan to watch a film but whilst in the vicnity saw a poster that enticed them to make that ticket purchase.    

The Future for the Cinema 

With new consumer habits and lifestyles, the entertainment and leisure industries are adapting to keep up with the demands of the new generation but not forgetting the older demographics interests.

Today in entertainment complexes there are big food brands giving various cuisine choices to the consumers as well as many other on-site leisure activities. The cinema is no longer a stand-alone site, they are multiple complexes packed full of offerings to suit everyone’s needs.  

Blockbuster and Lovefilm may have been victims of the new digital age but the cinema offers a social experience.

With Star Wars marathons and special concerts being offered can the cinema also be a venue where gamers can watch previews of games, boxset marathons or a place to watch a boxing match, there any many avenues still to explore.   



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