British Commercial Properties Catch Jubilee Fever!

Posted on 1 June, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations grow ever closer, with commercial properties up and down the country gearing up for what should be a highly profitable Bank Holiday weekend. And it’s not simply leisure commercial properties such as pubs and restaurants that are entering into the party spirit to attract customers – retail commercial properties are launching ranges left, right and centre to allow consumers to mark this memorable occasion.

In fact, even members of the Royal Family are getting in on the act. Prince Charles has launched a range of Jubilee mementos on his Highgrove website, with all profit made going straight to charity. Not only that, but the Prince decided to make this a truly British occasion, with the majority of goods being sold made in British commercial properties. However, should you wish to snap up a piece of Royal memorabilia, be prepared to spend – a stuffed toy Corgi, the Queen’s favourite dog breed, is a staggering £60, while a cushion emblazoned with the Royal coat of arms and the words “God Save the Queen” will set you back £95.

Fortunately, retail commercial properties can help you celebrate in style without the need to remortgage your house.

Supermarket Tesco are cutting the cost of luxury and garden party foods by half to commemorate our Monarch’s 60 years on the throne. Classic British foods such as smoked salmon, whole chickens and legs of lamb are on a special offer in the commercial property supermarket chain, so families can enjoy a traditional Sunday roast over the Bank Holiday weekend. There is also a range of mugs, stuffed toys and, of course, bunting, to decorate your home in a style fit for a Queen.

Supermarket commercial properties such as Asda and Sainsbury’s are likewise preparing for the garden party rush, and suppliers are frantically stocking up the shelves with items such as strawberries, mini quiches and Pimms to ensure maximum profits during the celebrations.

However, if you feel that a street party or quiet celebration is not quite enough to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, a commercial property in Wembley, north London, may be right up your street (party).

Margaret Tyler has opened a Diamond Jubilee themed hotel in the suburb, and has given it the Royal touch with over 10,000 (yes, that’s ten thousand!) pieces of historical memorabilia to wow guests staying at her commercial property. The collection includes a Princess Diana-themed stained glass window, bone china tea sets and even life-sized mannequins of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as Prince William and Kate Middleton, dressed in the outfits they wore to announce their engagement.

And if all of that isn’t quite regal enough for you, you also have the option of “hiring” a real Corgi for the princely sum of £150 a day, so you can have a taste of the Queen’s day to day life with her favoured pets.

Mrs Tyler says; “It makes me very proud when I see people enjoying the Royal Family and I feel it is my duty to promote them.”

The 68 year old continued; “The Queen has been a wonderful ambassador for this country and the “Sandringham Room” is my tribute to her reign. I believe that anyone who spends the night there will come away feeling truly patriotic.”

So no matter what commercial property you plan to visit this Bank Holiday weekend, whether it be your local supermarket to pick up a bottle of Pimms, or a Royalty-themed hotel with a rent-a-Corgi option, keep in mind that Britain is having a tough time at the moment. It will be good for everyone, just for this one weekend, to forget everything we complain about in the country and remember the truly great things about being British.

Are you planning on visiting a commercial property that is hosting celebrations over the Diamond Jubilee? Or will you, like the Queen herself, be holding your own garden party?

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