Exploring the largest shopping malls in the world

Posted on 24 October, 2018 by Bailey Clarke

There are many shopping malls in all shapes and sizes across the globe. With most people experiencing a shopping complex we take a look at how the larger shopping malls create a different experience.

New South Mall, China

large shopping malls china

The New South Mall based in Dongguan, China has an astonishing 6.46 million sq ft on gross leasable areas. This gigantic mall even has an indoor and outdoor rollercoaster accompanied by replicas of cities and a canal within dedicated areas. The layout is certainly different and with the various themes, it oozes uniqueness. However, even with impressive features the mall still remains largely unoccupied with occupied outlets offering mainly western style food at the entrance of the mall.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Ice Rink

Over in Dubai, there is the Dubai Mall with over 12 million square feet it is a massive hub of activity. If you were to put 40 football pitches together it still wouldn’t beat the size of this amazing shopping mall. This gigantic area includes over 1000 shops, an ice rink, SEGA centre, luxury hotel along with cinemas, restaurants and not forgetting the aquarium. For anyone visiting this immense mall could potentially see themselves staying for a very long period of time.

Centro Comercial Aricanduva, Brazil

Shopping Aricanduva Brazil

Located in Sao Paolo, is the Shopping Aricanduva one of the biggest shopping plazas in Latin America. With an impressive leaseable area of  2,658,980 sq ft. With over 14000 car park spaces and 500 stores, this mall has everything kind of shop, from motor parts to beauty treatments. Not forgetting the venue has 14 cinemas and an array of food outlets with different cuisines on offer.

Mall of America

Mall of America

Located in Minneapolis, America, MOA is one of the best shopping malls with theme parks, 500 stores, hotels and even a wedding chapel is included. An astonishing 20,000 car spaces are available but if you didn’t fancy searching for your car there are shuttles and buses available. The complex even has its very own zip code and with 2.77 million square feet for retailers. Throughout the year there are also music performances and events including celebrity appearances.

Shopping Malls Progress

As people’s shopping behaviour changes the larger shopping malls have started to offer a unique adventure for those who are looking to explore a new buying experience.

Even though the big shopping complexes have progressed to create a vibrant shopping trip for all of their visitors some of the malls based in Asia will never have full occupancy due to the sheer size of the venues.

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