How offering free WiFi can benefit your business

Posted on 15 October, 2018 by Bailey Clarke

As various businesses are offering free WiFi they are benefiting from many factors such as increased sales, target marketing and returning customers.

How Offering Free WiFi Can Benefit Your Business

With many of us relying on smartphones to connect us to emails and alerts, having free WiFi whilst on the move is essential for the majority of us.

Some companies are able to track customer behaviour when they choose to connect to the free WiFi on offer. The data gathered from the customer’s in-store journey can present useful insights to improve the business products, store layout and atmosphere. They are also able to promote real-time offers via their free WiFi giving customers another reason to browse and spend. Another added marketing benefit is that some WiFi solutions allow the business to create their own landing page when accessing the network, enhancing the brand.

Recent surveys have reported that when free WiFi is offered to customers that they tend to stay for longer and spend more money when WiFi is readily available. It also encourages their friends to stay longer potentially making a purchase and increasing sales.

Only a few years ago it was rare to be able to hop on free Wifi while shopping or going for a quick drink with friends. Now WiFi providers are becoming better and more flexible, benefiting many businesses. There was a time when Free WiFi was never a concern but with the constant need to be connected to the world, it isn’t a luxury requirement anymore.

Some hotels have seen the importance for guests connecting to their smart devices while staying at their establishment. By offering a free standard WiFi with an option to upgrade to a faster-paid package many hotels are fulfilling their guest’s needs. By providing guests with a free and paid option it gives them a choice which will enhance their stay and with many people on business trips, the need for faster WiFi is imperative. Some smaller hotels obviously have to charge for WiFi use due to the risk of lost revenue but even with the fee guests are able to connect if required.

With many guests choosing accommodation because it provides free WiFi, self-catering and B&Bs have started to offer it within their prices giving guests an option to connect if required. Even if there is a WiFi fee they normally are low-cost and generally works out cheaper than using data on smart devices.

If you are a business owner looking into offering free WiFi within your venue then research which WiFi package will potentially enhance your customers’ shopping experience and your sales.

In the near future, we could see whole locations with free WiFi enabled so people will be connected consistently throughout their journey.

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