Is Social Jet Lag Affecting Your Work?

Posted on 29 July, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy

We all know the feeling – the alarm goes off on Monday morning and that one small event can often put you in a bad mood for the entire day at your commercial property workplace. But why are Monday mornings, for many people, the most hated time of the week?

It could be because the weekend, at that point, is very far away, with a whole week in your commercial property job looming ahead of you. Or, it could be that the weekend never feels quite long enough, leaving you resenting Mondays as the fun time kill joy they are.

Yet scientists have come up with a new theory – that Monday morning blues, and the resulting bad day at your commercial property workplace are the result of social jet lag.

Many commercial property workers complain about feelings of sluggishness and disjointedness first thing on Monday morning, which scientists believe are actually exacerbated by the well-deserved weekend lie ins the majority of us indulge in. Immediate effects of this “social jet lag” include poorer memory and slower reaction times than normal, so it may be a good idea to schedule important meetings in your commercial property for later on in the week if you enjoy sleeping in on a Saturday!

Additionally, the study, which was conducted by researchers from Rush University in Chicago, highlighted that commercial property workers with disturbed sleeping patterns are more likely to develop negative habits such as smoking, drinking and overeating during the day to help keep them alert.

Researchers discovered that an alteration of just two hours in commercial property workers’ sleeping habits can have a dramatic effect on their productivity and responsiveness in the workplace. This means that if you wake up at 7am on weekdays, a relatively modest 9am lie in on weekends can have an adverse effect upon your commercial property job as far into the working week as Wednesday.

Helen Burgess, who was the lead researcher on the study, said; “The weekend sleep in is just the process by which people shift their clocks later – it wouldn’t be a problem except for that rude awakening on Monday morning when all of a sudden we need to shift earlier.”

Clearly, this is something that commercial property workers should take note of – disturbed sleeping patterns can lead to weight gain, stress and even ill health if not corrected in the long term. Additionally, if your commercial property workplace is a fast paced environment, it may be a good idea to set yourself into a proper routine in order to impress the boss, especially if you’re going for a promotion in coming months.

Do you think that your weekend lie in could be negatively affecting the beginning of the week in your commercial property workplace? Is the extra few hours in bed on Saturday and Sunday morning really worth the pain of a Monday morning early wake up, or do you believe getting into a daily routine will help not only your health but your productivity at work?

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