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Over 800 HSBC Jobs Cut as Birmingham Move Gets Ever Closer

HSBC launches £10 billion lending fund
Posted on 17 May, 2016 by Chris Grigorovsky under Business News, Economy

With HSBC set to make Birmingham the home of its UK retail services, it has since begun laying off 840 of its IT staff. The first phase of restructuring, which aims to cut 8,000 jobs in the UK by the end of 2017, will see Sheffield suffer the most,... Read More

Online Rivals driving Commercial Property Demand in India

Posted on 31 January, 2015 by Jodee Redmond under Worldwide Property News

Amazon and its local rivals are responsible for propelling a boom in commercial property leasing in India. The company leases space as its storage needs increase, and shoppers are turning to the Internet to buy everything from big ticket items like... Read More

Indian Office Space Absorption Rate up 10 per cent in 2014

Posted on 18 January, 2015 by Jodee Redmond under Worldwide Property News

Absorption of office space in India rose by close to 10 per cent in 2014 to over 33 million sq ft. This figure is indicative of confidence in the commercial property market, and the belief that growth is likely to continue this year, according to a report... Read More

Rising Demand leads to push to complete Bangalore Office Projects

Posted on 3 August, 2014 by Jodee Redmond under Commercial Developments, Worldwide Property News

An unexpected rise in demand for offices in the Indian city of Bangalore has resulted in a flurry of movement on building sites as contractors are working hard to complete delayed commercial projects. Several funds are actively looking to invest in... Read More

Demand for Commercial Properties Down 30 Per Cent in India

Posted on 18 September, 2012 by Jodee Redmond under Worldwide Property News

Over the past 12 months, demand for commercial properties in India has dropped by approximately one-third.... Read More

No Big Mac’s Allowed as McDonald’s Opens Meat-Free Restaurant in India

Posted on 6 September, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Worldwide Property News

When you think of McDonald’s usually the likes of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or McChicken Sandwich may spring to mind. But in India it is a completely different story as many people are vegetarian.... Read More

Indian Developer Plans Two New Commercial Property Schemes for Dubai

Posted on 24 June, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Worldwide Property News

Two new developments in Jumeirah Village in Dubai provide further evidence of growing confidence in the emirate’s real estate market just three years after the international economic downturn led to a huge price crash.... Read More