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The impact of Japan’s disaster to the Commercial property market

Posted on 31 March, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Industry News

What, if any effect, will the terrible disaster that has befallen Japan have on the demand for commercial property and serviced offices in Britain and the rest of Europe? Firstly we need to look at the effects on the general economy. It is still too early... Read More

Securing your vacant commercial property

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

When landlords face the prospect of their commercial property being vacant, security issues are usually one of their top concerns. Managers of vacant commercial property report that squatting, arson, vandalism and graffiti seem to be on the increase. And,... Read More

Commercial property market turnaround looks likely

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Latest reports seem to suggest that the US commercial property market is starting to climb. The US economy grew at a 2.8% annual rate in the fourth quarter, helping boost demand for serviced offices, retail and industrial space. However, some fluctuations... Read More

Commercial property investment for Serviced offices

Posted on 30 March, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Industry News

I met an interesting pair of entrepreneurs last week. They had just purchased a residential house in the Canterbury city centre and were in the process of converting it into a suite of serviced offices. The services that they planned to include were;... Read More

Small Businesses benefit from Serviced offices

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Serviced offices – are they the answer for small businesses? Well, let’s first look at what serviced offices are. A serviced office also known as an "executive suite" or 'executive space' is an commercial property or office or office that is fully... Read More

Commercial Offices – To buy or to rent?

Posted on 29 March, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Buy or rent? It’s the age old question. And I am talking renting or buying commercial property or office space for your own use, not as an investment to rent out to others. Both paths have their advantages and disadvantages, the major ones being; you will... Read More

What’s happening to Ramsay’s gastro pub empire?

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Gordon Ramsay has successfully marinated his profile with a number of reality TV projects including Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and the F-Word. These shows, together with his Michelin-littered restaurant empire, have enabled him to build up a... Read More

Commercial property & the double dip recession

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Is the double dip recession upon us, has it passed or are we still waiting for it? And are we going to see a corresponding double-drop in the values of commercial property and rental on serviced offices and shops? A couple of years ago, governments and... Read More

Serviced Offices and the cost of having squatters

Posted on 28 March, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Industry News

If you own a commercial property of any kind and it’s currently sitting vacant – beware of the squatters. Serviced offices, with their plush lobbies, comfortable break-out rooms and kitchenettes are obvious targets for this most costly of infestations. So... Read More

Commercial property & Serviced offices

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

I was looking at a property investment article in the Financial times regarding Commercial property, shop units, serviced offices and the like. It was dated 1995 and the headline reads – “Commercial property is RED HOT!” They were dead right – I... Read More