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Space Invader Swarms Manchester Office

Posted on 5 November, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Commercial Developments, Industry News

We are not talking about the retro game ‘Space Invaders’, which was originally released in 1978, where a player shoots horizontal lines of aliens, with a cannon to try and get as many points as possible. Instead, we are talking about the interior design... Read More

Infernos, Fireworks and Sparklers… What Are Your Plans For This Bonfire Night?

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Bonfire night is upon on, so put on your winter woollies, lock up your pets and grab the sparklers. But what exactly are we meant to be celebrating? The foiled plan of ‘terrorists’ or are we honouring the attempted to get rid of the Government?... Read More

Who is Reading Your Status Updates in the Office?

Posted on 4 November, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Around three in five firms encourage their employees to use social media networks such as, Facebook and LinkedIn for work purposes. However, one in five employees has landed themselves in trouble for comments made about fellow employees or the company, whilst... Read More

Customers Owe £33.6bn to SMEs

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Business News, Economy, Industry News

Times are already hard for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), with the struggling economy. But to add insult to injury, they are owed a total of £33.6 billion from their customers in late payments.... Read More

Will Local Council Cuts Affect Commercial Properties This Winter?

Posted on 3 November, 2011 by Ryosuke Watanabe under Economy, Industry News

We all know that the last few winters for us, here in the UK have been disastrous, in terms of weather with ice and snow. For many of us, this made it a struggle to get to commercial properties that we work at. This winter is set to be just as bad as last... Read More

Empty Commercial Properties Targeted by Criminals. Are You Insured?

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Business News, Economy, Industry News

A large number of vacant commercial properties throughout the West Midlands have been targeted by criminals searching for metal. This issue has raised people’s awareness to double check that they have the correct insurance in place for their commercial... Read More

Commercial Property to Rent or For Sale in Stoke-On-Trent

Posted on 2 November, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Industry News

So you have decided to set up a new business and are in need of a commercial property to rent or for sale, to get the wheels in motion. Or is your business doing so well that you need larger premises.... Read More

Business from Home Vs Commercial Property

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

Are you one of the thousands of people who are currently looking for work? Did your aims start off high, but are now slowly dropping down to jobs that you never thought you would ever consider, let alone have to fight for?... Read More

Commercial Property Security Group G4S Says No Deal to ISS

Posted on 1 November, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Economy, Industry News

The takeover between security Group G4S and ISS has ended due to opposition from G4S’s shareholders. The deal was worth a whopping £5.2 billion ($8.2 billion) and would have given a combined revenue of £16 billion.... Read More

Dubai Opens World’s Tallest Building

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Industry News

The world’s tallest building, ‘Burj Khalifa’, named after the United Arab Emirates President, has finally opened after seven years of construction.... Read More