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Farmland Outstrips Central London Property

Posted on 31 October, 2013 by Jodee Redmond under Industry News

Farmland has outperformed central London property for the first time in 16 years. The cost of prime arable land increased by 10.7 per cent to £7,594 per acre last year, according to Savills, and growth of 40 per cent, to £10,631 per acre, has been forecast... Read More

Government Defends Business Rates Policy

Posted on by Neil Bird under Industry News

Ministers have defended the government’s decision to delay the business rates revaluation in the face of growing criticism from the retail and commercial property sectors. Business Minister Michael Fallon told a parliamentary committee that there would have... Read More

SMEs count the Cost of Sick Leave

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Business News

According to research from AXA PPP healthcare, the cost of sickness absences for larger sized SMEs is £40,500 on average per year for businesses with 100 to 250 employees. The cost to micro-businesses with fewer than 10 staff is £3,500 a year. The... Read More

How will Your Business celebrate Halloween?

Posted on by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Misc

Halloween is generally seen as one of the most exciting dates on the calendar, giving businesses the chance to show off their creative abilities in order to provide a little festive fun for customers and employees alike. During the recession, many... Read More

New Business Park set to create 500 Jobs in Hull

Posted on 30 October, 2013 by MOVEHUT under Commercial Developments

Hull City Council and local development company Stoneferry Estates have a partnership agreement to create a £25 million business park on the former Hull Maternity Hospital site. The development is expected to create around 500 jobs. Hull city... Read More

Robert De Niro among Investors in Shanghai Property Complex

Posted on by Jodee Redmond under Commercial Developments, Worldwide Property News

Actor Robert De Niro has invested in a new property complex in Shanghai, it is reported. It will include an arts centre, a boutique hotel, shops, and a cinema. Project 179 is a 850,000 sq ft development located on the city's waterfront. De Niro entered... Read More

Delaying Business Rates Review is Saving Supermarkets Billions

Posted on by MOVEHUT under Business News

When will underdogs get their much needed break? As with many aspects of life, the underdog has a daily struggle to succeed or even survive. The underdog here in question is non-other than the high street which has received some blows over the past few... Read More

Will Third Agers Transform the High Street?

Posted on by Neil Bird under Economy

Over the coming two decades the number of people aged over sixty in the UK will rise by over 40 per cent. This will change the social fabric of the country, presenting challenges and creating opportunities in equal measure. But what impact will this boom in... Read More

Apprenticeship Training Company facing Administration

Posted on 29 October, 2013 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Apprenticeships have become hugely popular in recent years, with young people quickly realising that they can be by far the best method of entering into the world of employment without spending a small fortune on university fees. In turn, this has led the... Read More

Decision Due Soon on Manchester Airport’s Car Park

Posted on by Jodee Redmond under Commercial Developments

Manchester's planning committee will look at a proposal from the Manchester Airports Group (MAG) to create a 9,000-space car park. The 28-acre piece of property is a former green belt area. The proposal was recommended for approval last month. The... Read More