Esso Offers Clubcard Points to Entice New Customers

Posted on 22 September, 2013 by Kirsten Kennedy

Independently run and franchised petrol stations have struggled in recent years due to the competitive prices offered by supermarket filling stations. This is because of the consumer need to stick to a budget has driven regular customers to facilities in which they can earn incentives for loyalty, such as money off vouchers to be redeemed in-store.

However, a new deal established between Esso and Tesco could now redress this balance and see customers return to Esso branded service stations. In return for filling their tanks at a franchised filling station, customers will earn Tesco Clubcard points – something which consumers can now take advantage of at more than 800 Esso premises nationwide.

The scheme first started in February of this year, when Clubcard points were rewarded to customers at all Esso Tesco Alliance service stations. This proved to be extremely profitable for the 200 sites in the UK.

Now, the offer has been extended to all service stations owned and operated directly by Esso, which number more than 270 in total. Yet independent dealers who choose to sell Esso fuel may also “opt in” to the deal – an offer which more than 300 different sites have taken so far.

Director of Esso Petroleum Company, Simon Herbert, believes that customers will respond to this news with enthusiasm given the success of the previous promotion.

He says; “Our customers responded very favourably in February when we began offering Clubcard points at our Esso Tesco Alliance service stations.

“We’re delighted with the response and equally pleased now to be able to offer Clubcard points across our wider Esso service station network.

“Esso fuels are renowned for their quality and value and Clubcard points offer drivers even greater incentive to fill up at Esso.”

While the end of the recession may have allowed consumers to loosen the purse strings a little, poor harvests caused by heavy rain last summer have led to an increase in food inflation on items such as fruit, vegetables and meat. Furthermore, the rising cost of wholesale oil has seen petrol prices increase significantly in recent months, meaning that commuters especially now spend a large portion of their wages on fuel.

Katie McQuaid, UK Clubcard Director at Tesco, believes this new partnership can combat both of these issues in a productive way.

She continues; “We’re really pleased to extend our new partnership with Esso, as customers can now earn Clubcard points on even more of their everyday spend.

“We have had some great feedback since we began offering Clubcard points at Esso Tesco Alliance service stations in February, and we’re delighted that Clubcard is now available to so many Esso customers across the UK.”

Would you be tempted to fill up at a service station which offers you an incentive such as money off vouchers or Clubcard points, or will you always seek the filling station which has consistently lower prices?

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