Stunning Winter Lights Exhibition illuminates Canary Wharf

Posted on 9 January, 2015 by Chris Grigorovsky

Throughout January, Canary Wharf will be playing host to a spectacular illuminated arts exhibition featuring a dazzling range of interactive sculptures, projections, digital art and lasers, all created by eleven internationally acclaimed artists.


The UK’s Stephen Newby, German duo Hedi and Bernd Spiecker, Balint Bolygo from Hungary and Cedric Le Borgne from France are all involved in the event.

The spectacular displays are as follows:

 Control No Control

This is an exciting interactive LED sculpture by Daniel Iregui, by which the audience can get involved and use their hands and bodies to create funky geometric patterns and audio representations.

 On the Bridge

Designed by Tine Bech, located on Cubitt Steps, using a mixture of light and water, this creation disperses a beautiful pink fog into the sky as you walk along the bridge. As well as hidden lights that guide you to your route.

 Lightbench & Heatbench

Situated in Canada Square Park and created by LBO Lichtbankojekte, this piece consists of two benches. One is luminous and the other is heated. They will provide comfortable seating so you can relax and enjoy the world around you. You can also change the colour of the bench.

 Ice Angel

An interactive piece designed by Dominic Harris and Clinimod studio, where visitors can see themselves as an angel. The work is inspired by the joy of making snow angels as a child.

There are many more pieces of artwork available for viewing throughout January; ‘Binary Woodwork’ by Raoyl Simpson in Montgomery Square, Infinity Pools by Stephen Newby in Middledock and Lily Pads in Jubilee Park by Ela Brunel Hawes.

 Weekend Fun for the Family

If you need somewhere to take the kids between 9th and 11th of January, then look no further. With a whole host of activities to choose from like digital creations, animations, 3D storytelling light painting and illuminated shapes, there is something for all the family.

‘Lightweight’, situated in Reuters Plaza, is an exciting activity in which you can map anything onto a big 360 degree digital face.

In Cabot Square, children are able to act out their own stories and bring them to life by using a loplite laser. Or if you’d prefer to sit back and listen to a story, ‘Codex’, an animated talking book, has over 1,000 stories to tell.

There is also ‘Water Light Graffiti by Atonin Forneau, located in the West Winter Garden, which has interactive walls that come to life when water is applied.

Then they have Hackspace Cubed, where a cube reacts to inputs on a touch screen tablet. There is also Taegon Kim’s Ephemeral Trois Robes that changes colour as you walk past it.

There are also ‘Glow Performers’ who will be doing face painting for children aged 3 years and over in the Canary Wharf shopping mall and an activity where you are able to personalise your own kaleidoscope in the Canada Place workshop.

For more information regarding dates, visit the Canary Wharf website.

Story: Chris Grigorovsky


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