How to achieve an industrial inspired office

Posted on 31 October, 2018 by Bailey Clarke

In recent years the industrial style has been extremely popular within homes, retail stores and eateries. Many companies have adopted the spacious industrial-look for their offices scrapping the standard corporate office layout.

Style your office with the industrial look

Although many offices are perfectly happy with their normal layouts some firms have reformed and adapted their working areas by introducing industrial elements. Many UK businesses are choosing to replace dated office cubicles with a spacious industrial inspired working environment.

8 tips on how to create an industrial style office

  1. Openwork atmosphere – Open spaces and casual seating are an important element which helps to achieve spontaneous meetings, brainstorming and interaction.
  2. Glass walls – Clear panels help to maintain the open feel look, it’s not a must but large companies such as Apple have adopted this style.
  3. High ceilings – Ideally fluorescent lighting will need to be replaced with industrial metal light shades or something similar.
  4. Industrial materials – To achieve the ultimate industrial feel bare brick walls and original floors are imperative as well as wooden joists or rafters.
  5. Office furniture – In keeping with the factory vibe heavy industrial doors and stainless steel furniture will enforce the industrial vibe.
  6. Exposed – Pipes and cables have always been hidden in most offices but they should be exposed to enhance the industrial feel.
  7. Staircases – Metal stairs create an industrial vibe throughout the office space, even the noise from using a metal staircase adds to the atmosphere of an old factory.
  8. Upcycled – Industrial style offices incorporate upcycled products such as lights made from old unused industrial materials or equipment.

Mainstream industrial

The industrial look is becoming a normal scene across the world but even with the mainstream attachment it still makes a unique working environment. An industrial influenced office can certainly be achieved with a relevantly low-budget.

By researching and sourcing materials/items from online, reclamation yards or auctions it will be an exciting project for any business. Getting inspiration from sites like Pinterest will also help to envisage a layout that is industrial inspired.

Many of us have worked in an office at some point but unfortunately, never experience this style of environment. In the near future, we could see all businesses adopting the industrial style which will benefit them and their workers.

The benefits of open plan offices

Industrial inspired offices are not only stylish they also create open spaces eliminating any confined areas. There are many benefits of working in an open plan office, one is that it increases more Relationship-Building interactions resulting in a productive environment for all.

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