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Airport Expansion will see Hotel Demand soar

Posted on 9 May, 2015 by Cliff Goodwin under Business News

Any expansion of London’s two main airports will trigger a massive demand for more hotel rooms, a property services company has warned. Ahead of this summer’s publication of the Airports Commission report examining the three potential options for... Read More

Second Council withdraws support for Gatwick Expansion

Posted on 24 January, 2015 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

The issue surrounding the UK’s airport capacity has led to controversy, with the current phase pitting Heathrow against Gatwick in a bid to decide which of the South East’s airports should be granted a second runway. However, it seems that Heathrow may be... Read More

Heathrow claims growing Public Support for Third Runway

Posted on 30 October, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

As the Airport Commission continues to deliberate on the best option for the future of Britain’s airport capacity, Heathrow claims that public support for an additional runway is growing. According to Heathrow’s holding company, which also operates... Read More

Prologis Buys Second Heathrow Development Site

prologis buys second heathrow development site
Posted on 2 October, 2014 by Cliff Goodwin under Commercial Sales and Lets

Less than seven days after it snapped up a six-acre parcel of land in West London the global logistics site owner Prologis has bought 30 acres next to Heathrow Airport. Late last month Prologis acquired the Venturis Park industrial estate, on Dawley... Read More

Davies Commission rejects ‘Boris Island’ plans

Posted on 2 September, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Commercial Developments

The question of how to cope with the UK’s need for additional airport capacity has been one of the most contentious issues facing politicians of late, with owners of both Heathrow and Gatwick airports each pushing the Government’s Davies Commission to... Read More

Fortnum & Mason plans Heathrow take-off

Posted on 29 July, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Top Properties, Uncategorised

Fortnum & Mason has long been established as a high quality retailer with a tradition of serving well-heeled customers including members of the Royal family. Last year, in a bid to expand on its history, Fortnum & Mason opened its first new... Read More

London Fast Food Retailer Leon hopes T2 Branch will lead to International Take-Off

Posted on 6 June, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

The fast food sector has become one of the most competitive areas of British retailing, with the convenience angle and low cost appealing to modern consumers. However, the growing issue of the obesity crisis in Europe and the United States has led many to cut... Read More

Heathrow T2 opens to Passengers

Posted on 5 June, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

John Lewis among new terminal’s retail tenants Amidst the ongoing question of how Britain will increase its airport capacity, Heathrow has pushed on with expansion plans to improve its service for international customers. This has seen the country’s... Read More

Revised Expansion Plans submitted by Heathrow and Gatwick

Posted on 14 May, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Commercial Developments

The issue of airport capacity in the UK has proven to be one of the most hotly debated topics of the year, with numerous different parties backing a range of solutions. Two of the frontrunners to gain an additional runway at this point are Heathrow and... Read More

London Mayor outlines Plans for Heathrow without an Airport

Posted on 31 March, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Top Properties

With the future of London’s air travel capacity still up in the air (quite literally), London Mayor Boris Johnson has stepped up his campaign for a new hub airport to be built in the Thames Estuary. Although the possibility of extending facilities at... Read More