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intu Experiences Record Breaking Cyber Monday

Intu experiences record breaking cyber Monday
Posted on 3 December, 2015 by Chris Grigorovsky under Business News, Economy, Industry News

Leading developer, owner and manager of prime regional shopping centres in the UK, intu, has reported a record breaking Cyber Monday with 125,000 visitors, a 127 per cent uplift from an average day. After the successful strong footfall of Black Friday... Read More

Motorola Restructure Leads to 4,000 Job Losses

Posted on 16 August, 2012 by Neil Bird under Business News

Mobile phone maker Motorola is to shed 4,000 jobs in an effort to reverse its recent decline.... Read More

Clever Parking Spaces can Sense when you are Coming

Posted on 8 August, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

When you are running late for work, that last you need to be doing is driving around, keeping your eyes peeled for a car parking space that is free.... Read More

Tesco Opens Virtual Shop at Gatwick Airport

Posted on 7 August, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

You may be wondering why Tesco are opening a shop in an airport, when the last thing people will be thinking about is what they will be cooking when they get back from two weeks in the sun.... Read More

Rent-a-Day Work Space an Attractive Alternative to Standard Office for Mobile Workers

Posted on 19 June, 2012 by Jodee Redmond under Industry News

The way people work has changed, and spending the day in a standard office is no longer the norm for many people.... Read More

Smart Technology to Ease the Commercial Property Commute

Posted on 29 May, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Industry News

There is nothing worse than a busy Monday morning commute to work. Thousands of people crowded into tube stations in London, tram platforms spilling over with workers in Manchester and, of course, the traditional fight for a seat on the bus in Glasgow.... Read More

Mobile Phone Commercial Properties – The Next Victims of the Recession?

Posted on 25 May, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy, Industry News

It’s no secret that many retail commercial properties are suffering as a direct cause of this double dip recession Britain has found itself in.... Read More