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Property Industry Charity backs Jobs for the Jobless Generation Campaign

Posted on 16 April, 2015 by Neil Bird under Industry News

LandAid is supporting a stereotype-busting campaign which encourages companies to offer employment opportunities to young people. The property industry charity, which recently announced a record breaking year of grant awards, is backing the initiative... Read More

UK hailed as ‘Job Creation Capital’ following fall in Unemployment

Posted on 15 October, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy, Uncategorised

One major benefit of the economic recovery has been the consistent drop in unemployment figures, which today reached their lowest level since late 2008. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this is largely due to the past year yielding the... Read More

Unemployment falls but Pay Squeeze continues to Restrict Spending

Posted on 17 September, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

Despite a small drop in the past quarter, business confidence remains well above levels seen during the recession allowing firms to invest in growth and employment. This has seen the jobless figure fall further in the three months to July, reaching a six year... Read More

Unemployment falls further but Low Wage Growth remains a threat to High Street Recovery

Posted on 16 July, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the number of people in employment rose by 254,000 to 30.6 million between March and May, marking a new record and hinting that further improvements are on the horizon. In addition, the unemployment... Read More

Record number in work as Unemployment Rate falls to 6.8 per cent

Posted on 15 May, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

Since the end of the recession, a number of sectors within the British economy have shown marked improvements as a result of increased investment into growth. However, arguably the most positive impact the upturn in the economy has yielded is the national... Read More

Private Sector Hiring hits Record Levels

Posted on 8 March, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy

Growing business confidence has had a beneficial effect upon the country’s unemployment statistics, which have fallen steeply from the peak figures recorded in the aftermath of the recession. The latest research from Markit showed that this drive for... Read More

Number of Workers in Permanent Roles Increases in December

Posted on 13 January, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy

Unemployment has steadily become far less of an issue in the UK’s push for economic recovery, with employment rates steadily rising on a quarterly basis. James Dyson claims he is finding it difficult to recruit qualified engineers However, industry... Read More

Miliband vows to Tackle Cheap Foreign Labour

Posted on 7 January, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy

While employment figures have steadily recovered since the end of the recession, factors such as underemployment and low pay remain problematic for the workers of the UK. This, Labour leader Ed Miliband believes, is in part due to the large influx of... Read More

Record Number of Pensioners still in Work

Posted on 3 January, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

In days gone by, workers looked forward to their retirement, planning on spending their pensions travelling and gaining new experiences which a 9 to 5 job did not afford them due to time constraints. However, it appears that this trend is now firmly a thing... Read More

Job Vacancy Growth hits 15 Year High

Posted on 11 December, 2013 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

Unemployment has dropped in recent months with many firms choosing to take on additional staff for the Christmas rush, particularly in the retail and hospitality sectors. This is not only good news for jobseekers looking to re-enter the workforce, but... Read More