The Ghosts of Children

Posted on 24 October, 2014 by Kirsten Kennedy

Many will know Knypersley Reservoir, near the town of Biddulph in Staffordshire, as a popular place to walk the dog and get some exercise, but many won’t know of its paranormal past and haunting present.

Dark spooky forest with silhouette of a man walking

Firstly, there are several hotspots for hauntings around the reservoir, one being Gawtons Stone and Gawtons Well, where a servant who contracted the plague, and was cast out of his household in Knypersley Hall, was said to have lived and washed in his final days.

“It is rumoured that a man who caught the plague washed himself at Knypersley Gaunt Well every day…” declares Richard Hawkins, Founder of Staffordshire Paranormal Investigation Team.

There have been sightings of a hunched man near the stone and well, but he seems to vanish on closer inspection, “People say they often see him wandering around the spring.” Says Richard.

Other ghostly goings on include a Lady of the Lake, who appears as a white mist floating across the body of water. But most upsetting are the reports of children’s cries for help from the water at night, said to be the victims of drowning’s at the reservoir.

Finally, there are said to be malevolent spirits around Gawtons Well, which are kept there by witches, who used the area for dark magic. Evil talismans are said to be buried in a circle around the well, where carvings of the elements are seen in the surrounding trees.

Although all the above is speculation and rumour, it may make you think twice the next time you take Lucky for a walk.

You will have no doubt seen reports in the news or social media over the last few weeks, about Cannock Chase and the alleged Black Eyed Child, however, Cannock Chase is an apparent paranormal ‘portal’ which has attracted more than a demonically charged spirit.

There have been over 2000 reports of a large black cat, a puma or panther, skulking around the woods at Cannock Chase Enterprise Centre.

Claire Clarke, a receptionist at the Centre, had this to say about the large cat ““It was growling to itself as it walked along. I’m still shaking now to think of it…to me it looks like about seven or eight domestic cats rolled into one.”

Other strange sightings have included reports of UFO’s, a phantom black dog or the ‘Hellhound’, the Pig-Man of Cannock Chase, Big Foot or Sasquatch and a Giant Serpent. But perhaps, most eerie of all is the Black Eyed Child.

The first reported sighting of the Black Eyed Child was in the early 1980’s, and reports this year are incredibly similar, as if the child is making a return for All Hallows Eve. It is said that the child is a girl of around 6 -10 years old with coal black eyes. The sightings, strangely, consistently happen in the daytime and the child appears to be of flesh and blood.

The child is usually seen running and crying for help, and is said to be luring people into danger, although no one has been harmed by the child.

Lee Brickley, a Cannock Chase resident and author of UFOS, Werewolves & The Pig Man, says of the child “If it’s demonic, it’s dangerous,”, “Almost all witnesses refer to the child giggling or calling for help. This suggests she is trying to lure victims”

So you might want to be careful if you decide to go down to the woods today.

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  1. Tracy says:

    Never heard such rubbish in my life. Gawtons well is one of the most peaceful places to visit. There is definatley no bad spirits around the area.! But then there are some paranormal investigators that use things like this to look good and rubbish the actual truth behind a spiritual place.

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