Today is the day: The Olympics are Finally Here

Posted on 27 July, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy

What to expect from the Opening Ceremony

After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the London 2012 Games will kick off today in the Olympic stadium which has been purpose built in the East End of London. Finally, it seems that Britain can band together to support Team GB instead of focusing on budget issues, security gaffes and sponsorship laws, focusing only on the positive side of the Games.

Well, almost.

In a seemingly last minute change of plans, it has been revealed by London Olympics bosses at Locog that a section of the opening ceremony has been cut. This is to ensure that spectators who will be travelling back to their accommodation across London will make it out of the commercial property stadium safely without causing health and safety issues when rushing to catch the bus, train or tube.

The cancelled sequence involved riders who would entertain the 62,000 strong audience in the commercial property stadium, as well as the one billion viewers from around the world, with a series of tricks on their stunt bikes. However, they need not fear about losing out on their cut of the cash generated from the opening ceremony, as a spokesman from Locog assured the press that the team would still be credited.

He said; “Performers are rehearsing sections and transitions to ensure they are as tight as possible. This is normal in any production, whether it be theatre or ceremonies.

“We need to make sure the show comes in on time to make sure spectators can get home on public transport, so we have taken the tough decision to cut a small stunt bike sequence of the show.

“We will be paying all contracts in full and giving full credit in the programme. The show is set to finish between 12am and 12.30am.”

The show, composed by British filmmaker Danny Boyle, will see the Olympic commercial property stadium transformed into a scene from the British countryside, complete with grass, horses, cows and sheep. The rehearsal for the spectacle was witnessed by 60,000 people on Monday night, all of whom were implored to keep the full details of what the ceremony will contain a closely guarded secret so the billion viewers tuning in around the world will be surprised by the events unfolding on the night. The show will be broadcast live from the commercial property from 9pm on Friday night to all participating countries.

Altogether, the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Games has cost a whopping £27 million to stage, which sounds like a lot of money until the total cost of this year’s Olympics is held up as a comparison. After going over budget massively, effectively multiplying the predicted cost many times over, the total cost of the Olympics as revealed in an investigation by Sky Sports was revealed to be around £24 billion.

This takes into account the building of the Olympic commercial properties themselves, as well as the hiring of security forces, upgrades to the public transport network and all other costs associated with the massive international event, including the construction of a private temporary terminal building at Heathrow Airport exclusively for the athletes.

Do you believe that the Opening Ceremony will run smoothly tonight? Or do you believe that all the costs for the Olympics, much of which are being paid for by taxpayers, have been worthwhile?

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