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Industrial property in Gwersyllt for sale

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Sale Price : £585,000
Size: 5250 sq ft487 sqm

TO LET – £57,750 PAXFOR SALE – £585,000Unit 15 (5,250 sq ft / 24 car parking ...

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

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Sale Price : £258,000
Size: 2330 sq ft216 sqm

TO LET – £25,630 PAXFOR SALE – £258,000Unit 7b (2,330 sq ft / 12 car parking ...

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

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01244 351212

Sale Price: POA
Size: 16052 sq ft1491 sqm

LOCATION The property is situated on Abbey Road South on the popular Wrexham Industrial Estate, dire...

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01925 444700

Light and heavy industrial units for sale in Gwersyllt

If you're looking to buy an industrial property in Gwersyllt, you might need to know whether it is suitable for light or heavy industry. Light industry might involve small production lines and the assembly of electronic goods, for instance. In contrast, heavy industry would include motor manufacture or chemical production. Whichever kind of industrial property you're hoping to buy in Gwersyllt, MOVEHUT are confident that we have an amazing choice for you to choose from.

Industrial property for sale in Gwersyllt suitable for all uses

There are a number of varied uses for industrial properties that are for sale in Gwersyllt. You may, for example, be searching for an industrial unit for light manufacturing. Alternatively, you may want an industrial property in Gwersyllt for a body repair shop. Either way, MOVEHUT is here to help you find the right one to buy for your industry.

Find industrial units to buy in Gwersyllt that meet your requirements

If you're searching for an industrial unit for sale in Gwersyllt, it'd be a good idea to ask yourself what your exact requirements are. You might want to examine the traffic on nearby roads and motorways, and consider how it could affect your business in Gwersyllt. When you have an idea of what factors matter to you the most, begin your search with MOVEHUT, and you're sure to find the industrial unit for sale in Gwersyllt that's right for you.

Finding an industrial property in the right location

Here at MOVEHUT, we believe the location of your industrial unit can have a massive impact on the success of your business, so you want to consider this carefully before buying in Gwersyllt. Finding the right location in Gwersyllt is one of the most important decisions you will make, so it's key to ensure you have good local links to any resources you may require. You can find a perfectly located industrial unit in Gwersyllt with the help of MOVEHUT.

Booking an industrial property viewing before buying

Here at MOVEHUT, we would always advise viewing the industrial unit in Gwersyllt you are interested in before buying. The location of the industrial property will be an important consideration when viewing, along with the general condition of the building. With any industrial unit in Gwersyllt, it's essential to make sure the electric is working, and you can get the vendor to demonstrate this while you're there. When you're viewing an industrial property for sale in Gwersyllt, these simple tips from MOVEHUT will make your decision a lot easier.

industrial unit hunting tips in Gwersyllt when buying

Locating a brilliant industrial property to buy is easier with a few tips from MOVEHUT. Naturally, you will have ideas about the preferred location of the property, and alongside this you might also need to consider whether there is enough parking space for your staff. When you're searching MOVEHUT for an industrial property for sale in Gwersyllt, bearing these tips in mind will help you achieve the right results.

Industrial property for sale in Gwersyllt costs

If you're looking for an industrial property for sale in Gwersyllt, there are certain fees and costs involved that may influence your choice. You will need to establish the estimate of business rates for the property, and consider the running costs that will be involved. Considering these factors will make it easier for you to arrive at the right choice when searching for an industrial property to buy in Gwersyllt.