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Warehouses for sale in Chelmsford

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Sale Price: £600,000
Size: 3110 sq ft289 sqm

Stand alone commercial premises with double height throughout.Previously, the building has b...

Last Updated: April 13, 2024

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Managing risk for a commercial property in Chelmsford with warehouse insurance

Financial and health risk for your warehouse in Chelmsford can be reduced by taking up insurance. Your insurance policy should provide cover against interruption to your warehouse operation caused by damage to either property or machinery. The other insurance type you should remember is employers' liability insurance, which is legally required in any commercial business if you have employees working in the warehouse in Chelmsford. You should bear these factors in mind when buying a warehouse in Chelmsford.

Fees and costs associated with a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford

There are certain fees and costs that are important to be considered if you're searching for a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford. For example, business rates and other running costs are all factors that will have to be taken into account with warehouses in Chelmsford. Having an awareness of the potential extra costs of any warehouse in Chelmsford will make your search for sale much easier.

Commercial property use classification and warehouses for sale in Chelmsford

You should remember that every commercial property in Chelmsford is classified in accordance with its accepted usage. When you start your search for a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford, it's worth checking out that the classification code is exactly the right one for you. Once you've learned the classification code that matches your planned usage, let MOVEHUT help you find the right warehouse to buy in Chelmsford.

Tips on finding a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford

Taking the time to consider a few factors when looking for a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford, can increase your chances of successfully finding the right property. For example, remember to have a clear idea of your budget additional costs, including business rates and overheads. Discover a warehouse property for sale that fits your company and business in Chelmsford perfectly.

Choice of a warehouse to view in Chelmsford

Before you buy a warehouse in Chelmsford, a viewing should be carried out to see the premises in person. The location of the warehouse is immensely important, so decide whether you need to be in the centre of Chelmsford or more on the outskirts. It is also important to make sure, if applicable, the air conditioning systems in the warehouse in Chelmsford are working properly. Following MOVEHUT's simple tips could help your warehouse for sale search in Chelmsford become a smoother process.

Finding a warehouse for sale in the right location in Chelmsford

When you're planning to buy a warehouse in Chelmsford, finding the right location for the property is a very important decision. If you need easy access to other services in Chelmsford, you will need to choose a location for your warehouse for sale that allows for easy travel. We can help you find a warehouse to buy in Chelmsford in the right location, so start searching today with MOVEHUT.

Find a warehouse in Chelmsford to fit your budget

When buying a warehouse, it is important to set a budget and stick to it. We provide a warehouse listing choices in Chelmsford to buy, at a range of prices all the way up to £250,000,000. We have warehouses for sale in Chelmsford in a range of costs suitable for any budget in Chelmsford, so begin your search today.

Warehousing properties for sale in Chelmsford for all purposes

You should remember when it comes to a warehouse in Chelmsford, there are a range of business types the property may be used for. Most warehouses in Chelmsford are perfect to be used as a storage facility for heavy duty goods or other items. What's more, the warehouse can be converted to a property to take different types of business activities. Whatever you require from a warehouse for sale in Chelmsford, MOVEHUT can help.

Points to consider when buying a warehouse

If you're looking for a warehouse in Chelmsford for sale, it will help to consider a few factors before buying. For example, the goods inwards area will need to be big enough for your staff to check deliveries accurately. Whether the floor space is conducive to effective order picking, may be another factor to consider. Whatever it is that you're concerned with a warehouse in Chelmsford, MOVEHUT is here to help.