Commercial property in Herefordshire

Herefordshire offers plentiful choices of commercial properties, whether you are looking to rent or buy. At MOVEHUT, we have extensive listings of commercial properties in Herefordshire that are suitable for a variety of business uses. We also cover all the towns and regions within Herefordshire. So no matter what area you would prefer, MOVEHUT is here to help you find the best commercial property in Herefordshire.

Information about Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a county in the West Midlands region of England. It shares borders with the English counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and the Welsh counties of Gwent and Powys. The administrative headquarters are found in Hereford, with other towns and villages in the area including Leominster, Kington and Bromyard. Places of interest in the county include Hereford Cathedral, Dore Abbey and Berrington Hall.

Agriculture, manufacturing and services are the main industries in Herefordshire, with agriculture being the most popular. Hereford Cattle, bred for the high quality beef they produce, are very common, and fruit farming is important for the high levels of cider production in the area. In fact, several cider produces are based in the county, the most successful of which is Bulmer's in Hereford which produces Strongbow, the UK market leader.

Herefordshire Commercial property tips

Finding the right commercial property in Herefordshire won't be difficult if you follow a few simple tips. A major factor in your decision will be your budget, so you should consider it carefully and be realistic. And we like to plan ahead when it comes to business, which means keeping ample room for staff growth in any commercial property in Herefordshire you look at. Now you've heard some of our great tips, why not get started on your property search in Herefordshire right now with MOVEHUT.

Rent a commercial property in Herefordshire

Find a commercial property to rent in Herefordshire with MOVEHUT. Whatever you're looking for, we have a range of commercial properties available which are suitable for a variety of uses. The best way to get started is to search by the town, city or postcode in Herefordshire that you want your commercial property to be located, then narrow down your search with MOVEHUT.

Find commercial property for sale in Herefordshire

The range of properties in Herefordshire is wide and varied, giving you plenty to think about! When you get started on your Herefordshire commercial property search, we think it's key to stay focused and have a good vision of what you want. It's easy to narrow down your commercial property search with MOVEHUT by simply sticking to a category and a strict budget. So find a commercial property for sale in Herefordshire right away with the great features of MOVEHUT.

Commercial property types in Herefordshire

Herefordshire offers plentiful choices of commercial properties whether you're looking to rent or buy. At MOVEHUT, we have property listings in the towns and cities in Herefordshire sorted by category, like Industrial and warehouse properties. There are also property categories, such as offices and serviced offices, that might suit you. So regardless of the type of commercial property you're searching for in Herefordshire, you stand the best chance of finding it with MOVEHUT.


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