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Restaurants in Brighton to rent

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Rent: £42,500 Per Annum
Size: 1713 sq ft159 sqm

Situated in central Hove on one of the main commercial thoroughfares of the city. Located on the sou...

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Use classes and renting a restaurant in Brighton

When renting a property in Brighton, you will need to check that it has the right use class for a restaurant. Changing a property's use class can be problematic and can require a lengthy process to obtain planning permission. Bearing this in mind can greatly smooth the process of finding a restaurant in Brighton to rent with MOVEHUT.

Renting a restaurant and the fees you should consider

You may want to start thinking about what expenses you will incur when renting a restaurant in Brighton. The food you decide to serve will have a large impact on your budget as you may require a specialist chef. In addition, it may be wise to research business rates in Brighton so you won't be hit by an unexpected bill after opening. So make sure you take all these potential expenses and start searching for a restaurant to rent in Brighton.

Location requirements for your restaurant in Brighton

Choosing which area of Brighton to locate your restaurant in is vital when looking to rent a suitable property. Choosing an area with high footfall, for example, will allow you to benefit from passing trade. Moreover, having your own parking spaces may be a factor that can further attract more customers. Have the area of Brighton you want in mind when looking for a property to rent on MOVEHUT.

Financing options to start restaurants in Brighton

For many, renting a restaurant is not possible without having additional funding in place. There are various financing options that may be available to you. You may want to keep your work and social life separate, so having an investor on board may be a good option. Once you have managed to secure adequate funding, turn to MOVEHUT to help find the right restaurants to rent in Brighton.

Choosing a concept before renting

Choosing what type of restaurant to let in Brighton is one of the most important decisions you will make. The types can range from Thai and Indian to more specific markets, such as vegetarian restaurants. Once you have settled upon a concept, allow MOVEHUT to help you find the ideal property to rent in Brighton.