Commercial Property Auctions in the UK

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Start your search for an auction property in the UK with Movehut. We provide auction listings for commercial properties, investment properties, land and much more right here. You might want to search for an auction property via guide price, which we also offer, making it easy to filter and find the right property for your budget. We also make it simple to refine and filter your search by auction venue or auctioneer. These options can make searching and buying a property at commercial auction much more effective.

Commercial auction property

Commercial auction property comes in many types and in many locations. Here at Movehut, we list a superb selection of both auction property types and locations. Along with the wide diversity of listings, we have a comprehensive filter and search functionality, which can make refining the focus of your property auction search easier.

Auction property types in the UK

If you're looking to buy a property at auction, then we offer a diverse range of choice here at Movehut. Whether you are looking for a plot of land, a new investment property to buy at auction, or even a potential new office then we offer plenty of choice.

Investment auction property

Property auctions can offer a unique opportunity to find investment and renovation properties. We list a wide mix of potential investment properties in auctions all across the UK. In many ways, all auction properties can be considered an investment, from pieces of land to large commercial properties suitable for renovation.

Land for auction

Land for auction is another popular category that falls under the auction search classification. Although, land plot transactions at auction are the same as a traditional land sale, the sale price is obviously decided on the day of the auction itself.

Auction land classes

Land typically falls under one of the following classes; industrial land, agricultural or farm land, brownfield land, greenbelt land and contaminated land. Before bidding on any auction land, it's important to understand the differences between the various classes.

Land zoning and usage permissions

Another important factor to keep in mind when considering buying land at auction or elsewhere is the permitted usage of the land. Auction land will have the same classes as any other plot of land. These include agricultural land, woodland, recreation, transport, residential, community buildings and commercial. Of course, having a piece of land that fits your intended usage before bidding at auction is a critical point to consider.

Auction property in locations all over the UK

We list property auctions all over the UK in England, Scotland and Wales, in a wide selection of locations and from a mix of auctioneers. So whether you require a local auction, or would prefer to visit a larger city centre based venue, we can help in both sectors.

Commercial property auctions in the UK

In England, you will be able to find a commercial property auction in venues across the length and breadth of the country. From larger cities like Manchester, Birmingham and London to smaller locations like Milton Keynes and Chester.

Key auction houses

You might be searching for one specific auction house or a venue that is close to your location. At Movehut, we make searching for auctions via auctioneer or house really simple. You can further filter through the guide price and even property type once you have chosen a venue.

Local and national auctions

You will be able to find commercial auctions that list local properties only and national auctions that cover properties over the whole of the UK.

Property auctioneers

Finding an auction property from a range of auctioneers is easy with Movehut. We list auctions from a wide selection of property auctioneers, providing you with the broadest choice of properties. Auctioneers host auction events over the length and breadth of the UK, all available for you to attend and bid, should you find a suitable property.

Property auction dates

Property auctions take place all year around. Finding property auction dates is simple with Movehut. You can search by property auction dates so you won't miss out on any future auctions in the areas of your choice. Along with the dates, you will find the details, such as the time and the place of the auctions. So why not start searching today for your next property auction date to attend, here at Movehut.

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We list a wide range of guide prices, auctioneers, locations, property types and dates. So why not start searching for a suitable auction property today with Movehut's auction venues and listings.

Our auction property services

With auction property, there is a variety of types available from investment to land and offices. Here at Movehut, we provide all of these property types and more.

  • Investment property
  • Land
  • Commercial property
  • Offices
  • Industrial
  • Warehouses

Our property search functionality makes it easy to filter the property auctions by auction venue, meaning you can specify a particular auction you may be interested in. Alternatively, you can filter by auction property guide price or the property category. Using our comprehensive filtering options can help you easily refine and drill down into the property search results, to help you find exactly what you're searching for.