British Pubs face closing due to soaring business rates

Posted on 27 November, 2017 by Bailey Clarke

Great Britain is well known for having its local boozers but due to business rates soaring, this is putting many at risk of having call their last orders and close for good. 


Since the 1970s Britain has seen almost 30,000 pubs close all because of rising business rates. With no signs of these rates increases slowing down this could give the Pub owners no choice but to close their doors.  

The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) who is an independent voluntary consumer organisation who promote real ale, real cider and the traditional British pub. Camra was formed in 1971 when Britain had an impressive 75,000 pubs, but now their research confirms we have around 50,000, meaning there are about 21 pubs a week closing. 

Some business rates are due to be increased over a period of 5 years, and Camra’s pub of the year in 2012 The Baum in Rochdale will have massive increases in its rateable value of 377%. Its pub of the year for 2015 Sanford Park Alehouse in Cheltenham will also face a huge increase of 181%. 

Camra has started a campaign to try and call for an annual £5,000 reduction in business rates for all pubs across England.  

This isn’t the only hit that pubs across Britain have taken. Firstly. there was the smoking ban in in Britain back in 2007, which saw many of its customers starting to stay home. In their own home former pub patrons could enjoy a few drinks and cigarettes with friends or family in the comfort of their own homes.  

Quickly following the smoking ban was the 2008 recession which meant a lot of pub goers found it a lot cheaper to buy their alcoholic drinks from the shops.  

To highlight the difference in prices, in just 17 years the average cost of a pint has gone from £1.78 in 2000 to £2.99. And the British pub is now competing with supermarkets who tempt their customers with special offers and bulk buying deals. 

With the multiple shots British pubs have taken over the years from price increases, business rates and supermarket competitors, it could be that this is the beginning of the end of the Great British pub.

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