Increase foot traffic with creative shop displays

Posted on 26 July, 2018 by Bailey Clarke

With more and more retailers showing creativity with their shop displays, it’s important to keep up with the competition.

Whether it be a small business or mainstream outlet each shop needs to entice customers into their entrances with the potential of a sale at the end of their journey.

creative shop shop displays

By showing the brands personality via the store window you’re helping to entice consumers to venture inside to check what else the store has to offer.

Cluttered and bland window displays could create the wrong first impression resulting in fewer visitors which would impact an independent shop deeply especially with more people turning to online shopping.

It’s important to consider the retail market and where the brand fits in. By conducting market research within the area and gathering intel on social media channels, any retailer should have enough information on how to present the shop front.

The most important factor is to lure new customers in with curb appeal, express the brand’s character via awesome product displays. It doesn’t have to be expensive as some of the simplest displays can attract foot traffic as well as being a talking point on social media.

Tips for front window displays

Eye level – prior to creating the display check where the eye level is from the curbside and mark this on the window.

Portray a story – choose a theme and then create a story to plug into it, don’t forget it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Changes – keep people intrigued by changing the display on regular basis with the unexpected element.

Strong colours and shapes – this helps potential customers to see the display from a distance.

Clutter – it’s so tempting to cram an array of merchandise into the display but this could overwhelm passersby.

Let there be light – lighting is a crucial part of grabbing the customers attention, the right light will help create moods.

Balance – most probably the products will be different shapes and colours so remember to balance the different elements.

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