What Benefits Can Google Plus Do For Your Business?

Posted on 8 November, 2011 by MOVEHUT

The long anticipated wait is over, as Google launches Google Plus pages for businesses. But what exactly can a Google+ page do for your business that a Facebook page cannot? Movehut investigates.

The similarities between Facebook pages and Google+ are immense, they include:

  • To share information from websites; Google has a +1 button and Facebook has a ‘Like’ button
  • To share information with certain people; Google has circles, whilst Facebook has smart friend lists
  • To chat; Google has hangouts and Facebook has a Skype video chat.

With so many similarities, what can Google Plus pages do differently for businesses?
Firstly, the fact that this is a Google application, should interest a lot of people, as Google has its fingers in a lot of pies. Google has Apps for Businesses, which include email, calendars and documents, just to name a few. Gmail has approximately 200 million users, with a high number of those using business accounts. With this in mind, you can check your email, arrange a meeting, and update your Google Plus business page all from logging into just one account.

Google already has a payment system in place (Google Checkout), which enables users to pay for items securely, similar to PayPal. Google could, in theory link the payment system to Google+ business pages, enabling companies to link it with Google’s technology, rather than using multiple platforms.

Google also has the ability to link pages with places, using Google Maps. Users will be able to interact more freely by offering reviews and rankings about a business.  Facebook does have a similar feature, which allows people to tag places, but the individual has the freedom to write what they like for the location name. Also, Facebook places do not show up in search engine results, which makes them more of a gimmick rather than a use for businesses and commercial properties.

Speaking of social networking as a whole, Professor Jeremy Baker from the European Business School, stated: “Companies like being on social networks, it allows them to have a two-way conversation with their customers and get to know more about who they are. It’s a very persuasive and intimate atmosphere as the sites are seen as trusted places to be.”

40 million people have already opened a Google+ account, but according to Ian Maude, Head of the Internet at Enders Analysis: “Facebook still has more than 10 times the number of users. Google+ is growing very quickly. However, there is an awful long way for it to go before it becomes a major threat to Mark Zuckerberg’s business.”

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