Breaking News: Debenhams Launches In-Store WiFi

Posted on 12 June, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy

Debenhams has today announced that it plans to launch free o2 wifi in its 167 commercial properties, meaning that it now offers the largest wireless internet coverage of any major chain in the UK.

Customers may now use their Smartphone’s to access special deals and information on the Debenhams website, as well as accessing social networking sites to ask their friends’ opinions about outfits and offers in the commercial property stores. The Wifi access extends to the clothing areas within the commercial properties, as well as in the fitting rooms and cafes found within the vast majority of Debenhams UK commercial properties.

The move is said to bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping, as customers will be able to scan barcodes to check for sizes and availability in the retail commercial properties. Should the item they wish to purchase be out of stock, they can order it online and have it delivered straight to their door quickly and easily.

Additionally, customers will be able to use the Debenhams app, which has already hit one million downloads and 250,000 barcode scans, to view store layouts and search for items of clothing in alternative colours and styles.

Debenhams hopes that the initiative will prove successful, and lead other high street and department store retailers to follow suit. Simon Forster, Debenhams Director, says; “We’re seeing the shape of shopping in the future emerging right before our eyes.

“With over one million customers already with our app on their phones, free Wifi in stores has the potential to transform how people shop.”

In order to take advantage of the free Wifi, customers need only register with o2 Wifi only once, and from then on will be able to access the web every time they enter a Debenhams commercial property.

MD of o2, Gavin Franks, is keen to express his company’s enthusiasm for the scheme. He says; “O2 Wifi has announced partnerships with leading brands in 2012. We are delighted to add Debenhams to our growing portfolio.

“Debenhams have realised the power of using in-store connectivity as a basis to bring innovative services to customers. We’re delighted that we are consistently being chosen as a partner by premium brands such as Debenhams.

“This marks a continuation of our fresh thinking that has seen the rapid growth of O2 Wifi.”

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