Opening Ceremony Rocks Olympic Stadium

Posted on 31 July, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy

In the weeks leading up to the official opening of the Olympic Games, critics voiced doubts over whether the London commercial property stadium would be able to put on quite as good a show as we saw in Beijing four years ago. However, it appears that film director Danny Boyle more than rose to the challenge, with a spectacular display of all things British leaving the crowd within the commercial property stadium, and many more at home, on their feet.

The spectacle included a full British countryside scene, complete with cows, sheep and horses packed into the commercial property stadium. There was also a humorous crowd pleasing moment when the Queen, played by stuntman Gary Connery, leapt from a helicopter hovering 550 feet in the air and parachuted down to land just outside the packed stadium to laughter and rapturous applause.

However, no matter how entertaining the opening ceremony was, the real question is whether the lavish, and incredibly expensive, event will really prove to be a beneficial step in the recovery of the British economy. With commercial property businesses crumbling due to a lack of consumers, the Olympics were billed to be a turning point for London stores and tourist locations.

Unfortunately, the sponsorship debates and suppression of Olympic memorabilia made by anyone uninvolved directly with the Games have proven to be a sticking point for small businesses. Small stores surrounding the Olympic stadium and commercial property venues have been banned from using logos such as the Olympic rings or London 2012’s mascots to attract business. Additionally, cafes and refreshments vendors within Olympic commercial properties themselves have been banned from selling popular British foods such as chips, as McDonald’s do not wish to face competition from businesses that have not contributed sponsorship costs.

No matter how lavish and successful the opening ceremony proved to be, the fact remains that the Games which were promised to be the saviour of British businesses have in fact become an advertising drive for overseas companies such as McDonald’s, Heineken and Coca Cola. And with the public transport network facing difficulties that make small communities in the shadow of the Olympic stadium such as Hackney Wick all but inaccessible, it appears that small commercial property businesses in London may end up having a tougher summer than they would otherwise have without the eyes of the international community focused upon the city.

Do you believe that, now the Olympic Games have officially begun, small retail commercial property businesses will see their sales increase and the overall British economy lift as a result? Or do you think that the sponsors of the Games will continue to reap the results following the success of the opening ceremony?

2 responses to “Opening Ceremony Rocks Olympic Stadium”

  1. Beth, Kent says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony. It was a real credit to British culture, from the NHS scene to James Bond and Mr Bean. The music, lighting, everything was spot on.

    Anyone who is opposing the ceremony simply didn’t get it in my opinion! 😀

    • MOVEHUT says:

      It was great, wasn’t it Beth. Us at Movehut enjoyed it too 🙂

      Have you been watching the sporting events since? What has been your favourite?

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