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Waitrose Warns of Price Hikes due to Washout Summer

Posted on 9 January, 2013 by Kirsten Kennedy under Economy

But Retailer Enjoyed a Successful Christmas  Towards the end of last year, supermarkets and industry experts in the food and drinks sector warned that 2013 may yield several substantial price rises due to weather issues during the summer months affecting... Read More

Supermarkets Warned to Cut Out Misleading Deals

Posted on 11 December, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

Supermarket shoppers should be cautious despite the latest headlines about a clampdown on misleading pricing. Eight leading supermarkets are ending so-called “special offers” that trick customers into getting a good deal-yet there is no guarantee that... Read More

Bad News for Tesco at Home and Abroad

Posted on 5 December, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

For years now, Tesco has been a market leader in the UK but recently rival Sainsbury’s has made a bid for the retail giant’s crown, posting rising sales figures as Tesco sees customers jump ship for the first time in over a decade.Unfortunately, it seems... Read More

Drinks Industry Split Over Minimum Pricing

Posted on 28 November, 2012 by Neil Bird under Business News

Today the government is due to launch a consultation on the minimum pricing of alcohol in an attempt to crackdown on anti-social behaviour and drink related health problems. The report is expected to recommend a minimum price of 45p per unit. This would mean... Read More

Supermarket Tricks Encourage Overspending

Posted on 20 November, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

With the threat of a triple dip recession playing on the mind of the average British consumer, budget shopping is the order of the day. Choosing own label over branded goods, cutting out non-essentials and buying in bulk to save cash are just some techniques... Read More

Sainsburys Chief Predicts Own Brand Christmas

Posted on 19 November, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Christmas is in the air, with eager shoppers rushing out to buy everything needed for the big day. Presents, decorations and festive foods line the aisles of supermarkets nationwide – but rather than a White Christmas, many are gearing up for the biggest... Read More

Supermarkets Demand Extended Opening Hours on Busiest Day of the Year

Posted on 17 November, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

During the Olympics, Sunday trading laws were relaxed in order to allow larger retailers the opportunity to cash in on a heightened enthusiasm from consumers to spend. Under current laws, stores of more than 3,000 sq ft are only allowed to trade for six hours... Read More

Morrisons Joins Discount Battle due to Dwindling Sales

Posted on 11 November, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

The recession may be over, but this has not led to automatic recovery in the retail sector, with many chain and independent stores still struggling to achieve the levels of sales seen before the economic slump. As a result, many supermarkets have engaged in a... Read More

Budget is Best in Festive Food Test

Posted on 8 November, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

After the excitement of Halloween, households nationwide will now be preparing for the biggest holiday of the year - as the start of November ushers in the period where Christmas shopping can begin without looking a little too eager. Presents will be... Read More

Supermarket Petrol Price War Escalates

Posted on 29 October, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Supermarkets are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to attract consumers into their branches. Money off vouchers, price comparison initiatives and price drops are now a common feature in many big name stores as bosses play on the general public’s... Read More