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Supermarkets-the Super Banks of the Future

Posted on 22 October, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

According to a new study of UK customer loyalty in 2012, supermarkets could come out on top as customers’ bank of choice.   The research carried out by The Logic Group and Ipos revealed, that while banks top the list for customer loyalty,... Read More

Cost of Fruit and Veg more than Doubles in One Year

Posted on 19 October, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Cash strapped consumers have been dealt a further blow this week, after it was revealed the cost of fruit and vegetables has soared by more than 50 per cent this year. This is due to heavy rain devastating crops in what has proven to be the wettest summer in... Read More

Tesco Introduces Drive Through Service as Part of Turnaround

Posted on 9 October, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Once the most successful supermarket chains in Britain, Tesco has seen its fair share of struggles throughout the economic crisis. With falling share prices, tough competition from rival brands such as Asda and Sainsbury’s and controversies over workers all... Read More

Sainsbury’s Told to Change Brand Match Campaign

Posted on by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Supermarkets are constantly trying to get one up their rivals at the moment, with each chain determined to beat the competition on price and quality in order to draw custom to their stores and onto their websites. With initiatives such as brand matching,... Read More

Aldi Sees Profits Rise by 450 Per Cent as Shoppers Search for Bargains

Posted on 8 October, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Budget supermarkets are performing exceptionally well in the current double dip recession, as consumers desert more expensive stores such as Waitrose and Tesco in order to stretch their cash further. Yet one budget brand is seeing their profit margins... Read More

Supermarkets Launch Petrol Price War

Posted on 1 October, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Petrol prices are a massive sticking point in the UK at the moment, with filling stations in this country posting some of the highest prices in Europe. And with petrol prices having risen by 38 per cent, and diesel having risen 43 per cent, in the past five... Read More

Need Legal Advice? Pop Down to your Local Supermarket

Posted on 10 October, 2011 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Industry News

Commercial properties which are accommodated by supermarkets and banks will soon be able to sell legal advice in England and Wales, thanks to a change in the law.... Read More