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Water Under the Bridge for Asda and Tesco

Posted on 21 August, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Commercial property supermarkets Asda and Tesco are known rivals, with both enjoying a high level of popularity amongst the British public.... Read More

Tesco Launches Discs on Demand

Posted on 14 August, 2012 by Neil Bird under Business News

The way we consume music and film has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades.... Read More

Tesco Opens Virtual Shop at Gatwick Airport

Posted on 7 August, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

You may be wondering why Tesco are opening a shop in an airport, when the last thing people will be thinking about is what they will be cooking when they get back from two weeks in the sun.... Read More

Christmas Talk in July – Has the World Gone Mad?

Posted on 17 July, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News

Usually we get Halloween out of the way before we start thinking about Christmas and seeing festive adverts and promotions all over the TV and in retail commercial properties.... Read More

Tesco to Focus on UK as they Leave Japanese Market

Posted on 21 June, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News

Tesco commercial properties have faced a difficult few months, with high levels of competition from supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Asda often seeing the retailing giant losing customers to more favourable offers.... Read More

Tesco Commercial Property Sales Increase Despite Market Decline

Posted on 11 June, 2012 by MOVEHUT under Business News, Economy

Tesco has seen a growth in sales for the 13 weeks up to and including 26 May 2012. But like-for-like sales when compared to same period last year have seen a decline.... Read More

Are Tesco Commercial Properties Watching You?

Posted on 7 June, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Industry News

Few things are more annoying in life than visiting your local commercial property supermarket only to find that a specific item you need is “out of stock” or “discontinued”.... Read More

Commercial Properties Gear Up for Jubilee Celebrations

Posted on 2 June, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Industry News

Her Majesty the Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this weekend, becoming the second ever monarch to do so – the first was Queen Victoria in 1897.... Read More

Supermarket Commercial Properties to Stock Long Life Ready Meals

Posted on 31 May, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy, Industry News

We’ve all been guilty of returning home from the commercial property workplace and not feeling particularly motivated to cook a healthy meal from scratch.... Read More

Every Little Helps – As Commercial Property Cuts Manager Bonuses

Posted on 17 May, 2012 by Kirsten Kennedy under Business News, Economy, Industry News

Following a tough trading year at Tesco commercial property stores, store managers have been warned to expect a cut in their annual bonus that could total over 80 per cent.... Read More